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Hello Thursday, August 9

Eugene Ahn

Posted 4:27AM on Thursday, August 09, 2007 Pacific Time

Today is Day 4 and the kids continue photography in their neighborhoods and at their homes. Yesterday, the groups spent time in the Ferroviario suburb. Today, the groups shift attention to the Hulene suburb. Both areas represent some of Maputo's poorest neighborhoods, where homes often lack plumbing, electricity, heat, windows, and even roofing. For kids like the ones participating in our project, daily life also lacks the support of parents, as many children have lost their mothers and fathers to AIDS. These kids continue life on their own, as the country does not have the infrastructure to respond to their situations with comprehensive social welfare or foster care.

Like yesterday, the team has split into several groups to help maximize the ability to visit as many places as possible. Everyone is eager to work on their stories. Not surprisingly, the kids' enthusiasm for storytelling is translating into striking, memorable, and meaningful imagery.

Two of our groups moving around the neighborhoods are made up of Reencontro kids, children left orphaned because their parent or parents died of AIDS. A third group consists of UNICEF-sponsored youth activists, teens who are deeply concerned about the welfare and future of their country and are advocating awareness and action on the issues that concern the young generation. Finally, the BYkids film team continues its work making Alcides' movie.

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If the stories on this website move you, take action now and see how easy it is to make a difference.

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Things are getting worse. People are getting infected everyday, even if you educate people. And also, there is still a lot of discrimination.
Pamela Mvinjelwa
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