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Pamela Mvinjelwa

Pamela Mvinjelwa is 25 years old and married. Her first child was born in May of 2006. She lives in the township of Mitchell's Plain and is a Mothers Programmes volunteer.

In 2000, Pamela developed a rash and severe dandruff. Her family, thinking that she was the victim of witchcraft, took her to a sanbona (witch doctor). When this didn't help, her brother took her to the hospital and she tested HIV positive. She had just graduated from high school and now she thought she was going to die. Convinced the results were wrong, she tested again. It wasn't until 2003 that she admitted to herself that she had HIV.

Pamela told her mom (who advised her to keep it a secret) and everyone else in her family except her father. When she finally told him, he ordered her out of the house and told hermother to also move out in fear that HIV would spread to him. Her mother had a doctor write a note stating that Pamela had allergies, not HIV, and her father allowed her back.

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My heart goes out to Pamela for being just twenty and have HIV. I am from a small island and we have aids victims hers as well and it's like u said even though u gave free protection ur still seeing young girls pregnant knowing that there partner have more than on partner what can we do for people to take this serious. My prays are with u and ur family
St Kitts
Posted Monday, August 20, 2007 7:14PM

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Things are getting worse. People are getting infected everyday, even if you educate people. And also, there is still a lot of discrimination.


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take action

If the stories on this website move you, take action now and see how easy it is to make a difference.

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