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Audio recording studio setups

Eugene Ahn

Posted 2:17AM on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Pacific Time

Here's how to set up the high-quality sound recording equipment. Use this if you are recording audio for podcast, or a high-quality audio track in support of video.

Hardware narrative:

Rode NT1-A microphone connects via long XLR to Samson S Phantom preamp which connects via short XLR to M-Audio Fast Track (bench settings -- mic input: 75%; mix: 25%; input monitor: mono; output: 75%) which connects via USB A-B to Apple MacBook and a pair of Sony studio headphones.

Remember to use a critically important power transformer and adapter when powering the Samson preamp, or else the gear might fry. The MacBook doesn't need a transformer.

Software setup:

GarageBand works well because it's easy. Sync software settings to the hardware narrative described above by configuring a recording track as Real Instrument > Vocals > No Effects; Input: Channel 1 (Mono); Monitor: Off. Metronome: Off.

Ready to teach

Ben Byrnes

Posted 1:11AM on Saturday, July 28, 2007 Pacific Time

When I first heard about the trip to Mozambique I was both excited and intrigued. Going to Mozambique is a great opportunity to expand on my experiences surrounding both teaching and photography. I am a student at Colorado College majoring in studio art and education and hope to become an art teacher after I graduate. For the past year I have been working with students in Colorado who are considered at-risk for dropping out of school and dangerous behavior. I am also working on my own art work including both photography and sculpture. I am really excited to meet the kids whom I will be working with. It will be interesting comparing and contrasting my teaching experiences in Colorado and Maputo. I'm packing frantically and am looking forward to meeting everyone on the trip."

Beginning at the beginning

Steve Barrett

Posted 9:05PM on Friday, July 27, 2007 Pacific Time

I first met Jim Hubbard about 20 years ago. I was his student when he was teaching a course in Documentary photography. We hit it off pretty much right away (same birthday you know!) I guess we are like minded (read-wise ass)
Jim invited me to go to Romania with him to teach photography. I'll always be grateful to JH for that opportunity. We worked in an orphanage in Bucharest (casa di copi #10) in 1992. The dictator Ceausescu had recently been deposed and the orphanages were full. Jim and I traveled there for World Vision. We were teaching photography for empowerment and to show the world their life through their eyes. Most of the kids were both charming, troubled and " skin hungry" (craved attention and contact). They were eager to work with adults and responded well to a little attention.

It was a heady time, with Romania being in transition from a closed, bullet marked eastern block state to a developing one. Outside of Bucharest was a time machine where horse drawn carts were as common as automobiles. In one small village I visited near Pitesti, a very old woman said "I never thought I would see the day that an American would set a foot in my village".

These are things I'll never forget.

When JH called and asked if I wanted to do it all again in Mozambique I did not drop a beat! As a photographer this is the kind of thing I live for.

I have little preconceived Ideas of what to expect in Moz and my son and I are "empty vessels" for the hard work and experiences ahead.


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