Photo Stories: African Women and Kids
Affected by AIDS Share their Lives


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News coverage of Denver exhibition

Colorado KUSA-TV's June 12 broadcast of an interview with Dr. Neal Baer, co-founder of The House is Small but the Welcome is Big photography project.

Photographs by mothers and orphans affected by the global AIDS epidemic are now on exhibit in Denver at Gallery M Through July 13.

Maputo street fighters

Children do backflips throughout one of Maputo's poorest neighborhoods. How did they all learn? Using her camera, Inocencia found out one day during a photography session ...

The welcome is big - in Maputo

In August 2007, children orphaned by AIDS living in Maputo, Mozambique spent time with American photographers and filmmakers to produce a body of work that documents the joys and challenges of daily life.

In this web video, experience highlights from the children's photographs. The images are set to a song performed by the kids, their friends, and their neighbors at a local community center on August 7. For more images and stories, visit the project website.

Meet the team: Zego

Zego is a Maputo-based filmmaker. In this video-subtitled audio interview, Zego introduces himself and talks about the importance of letting the children be the tellers of their own stories.

The House is Small: Cape Town

Disclosing my HIV status was the biggest difficulty of my life. My mother has lost so many people to the virus and always said that she didn't want any of her children to have this disease.
Nwabisa Ndlokovane
Cape Town project participant

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